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Akpos and his friend came from lagos

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10 months ago

Akpos and his friend came to Lagos from their village. Both of them can"t speak English language. When they were walking in the street of Lagos, they saw a very beautiful girl.

Akpos:- I go like to talk to that babe
Friend:- but You nor feat speak English na and you know say Lagos babe they speak English die.

Akpos:- Forget that one, Wetin they English language.

Akpos Approached the girl and came back 5 mins later disappointed.

Friend:- Lol she finish you with English abi?
Akpos:- This girls they speak English o. I nor even understand the first thing she tell me

Friend:- Lol wetin she tell you?
Akpos:- She tell me say " I don"t subtracting my word for me a psychology cancer fine male gender"

Friend:- E be like say na barrack Obama teach them for school o

Akpos:- Na so e just be

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