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Akpos and the email adress

By admin -
10 months ago

Akpos in a phone call with his friend

Friend:- Akpos afa na
Akpos:- Am gud

Friend:- I need those pictures in your phone
Akpos:- How can I give them to you?

Friend:- Send them to my address
Akpos:- but I don"t know your address

Friend:- My address is donblade855@gmail.com
Akpos:- Ok I will send it now.

3 hours later his friend has not receive the pictures, so he called Akpos with his Mobile phone

friend:- Akpos i have not receive the pictures
Akpos:- But I told my little brother to send them to you 3hours ago

Friend:- Are you sure he sent them to "donblade855@gmail.com"?

Akpos:- Yes, in fact I was the one that told the taxi driver to take him to "donblade855@gmail.com"

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