CONGRATULATIONS!! Yemi Alade Signs Licensing Deal With Universal Music

One of Africa’s most creative and successful artist, Yemi Alade, has signed a global licensing agreement with Universal Music Africa (UMA), Universal Music Group’s west African affiliate in partnership with Universal Music France (UMF).

Under the multi-year agreement, UMA will serve as the exclusive worldwide recorded music partner for Yemi Alade and her label Effyzzie Music Group, and UMF will serve as the international roll-out partner for the project.

Yemi Alade is the first African female Afropop artiste to hit over 100 million views on Youtube and VEVO with her smash hit single “Johnny”, which is now the most viewed video from any African female artiste. She is also the first female entertainer in Africa to have over a million subscribers on Youtube.

Taiye Aliyu, CEO and founder of Effyzzie Music Group, added;

“We at Effyzzie Music Group and Yemi Alade are pleased to be working in partnership with the Universal Music Group, changing the narrative of African music, one artist at a time. The Future is Africa.”

See what he posted on her Instagram below:-

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