My music can cure depression.’ – Naira Marley says

Controversial Singer, Naira Marley has taken to his social media to declare that his songs can cure depression.

The singer took to his social media page on Sunday, September 15, where he wrote “My music can cure depression.”

Below are some reactions that trailed his post ;

@Iam_Lawrenszo wrote ;

Those rubbish and senseless music of yours…what is soapy?

@Emjaylala wrote ;

Depression kii you der blatant noise maker like you

@LateefRaheem4 wrote ;

Sorry bro, your music can cause depression bcos you propagate using of hard drugs in your lyrics e.g moni kolo fe mu coca that’s cocaine mosere pe dealer ohun snive mogbe Igbo senu

@KidCessory wrote ;

Unless you have your own dictionary that defines music and depression wrongly from mine

@NuskyOdogwu wrote ;

Na today you know??? … Control the croud alone…. Na depression killer

One thought on “My music can cure depression.’ – Naira Marley says”

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