Tonto DIKEH’s reaction as Busola Dakolo demands ₦10 million from Fatoyinbo

Tonto Dikeh reacts as Busola Dakolo demands #10 million from Fatoyinbo Actress Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the ₦10 million demanded from COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo, by Busola Dakolo who accused him of rape. In what appears to be a reaction to the new development, Tonto Dikeh who is a friend of COZA, shared the below screenshot. According to her, money is the root of the evil behind the accusation against the pastor whose church she attended weeks ago. Tonto Dikeh reacts as Busola Dakolo demands ₦10 million from Fatoyinbo Meanwhile, Biodun Fatoyinbo, has asked Busola Dakolo, to stop telling lies ”up and dan”. Fatoyinbo stated this while reacting to the court paper Busola filed at the Federal High Court Abuja recently. Busola in the court paper, insisted that Fatoyinboraped her. She demanded for an apology and also for Fatoyinbo to pay N10 million legal fees for the case. See what Fatoyinbo posted on his IG page this evening; Stop telling lies up and dan - Biodun Fatoyinbo tells Busola DAKOLO

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