I Have been moving from church to church to cure myself from skin bleaching – Singer Mzbel reveals

Ghanaian singer, Mzbel who gained popularity with the hit song “I be 16 years”, has confessed to using bleaching cream which according to her led to regrets.

Mzbel revealed that she is now envious of black girls because being white is not who she is.

She told Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu show ;

“I have come to understand life and I am trying to connect to who I am, as a black person I don’t think I have to be apologizing for being black.

“I don’t care if people start saying I am black now, being white is not who I am and anytime I see someone with dark complexion I jealous the person. I move from Church to Church because I’m on a spiritual journey to quit bleaching”.

EFCC arrests Fidelity Bank employee for allegedly stealing N137M, cars and houses recovered from him

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibadan zonal office, has arrested one Kehinde Olumide Agbabiaka, a sales agent of Fidelity Bank Plc.

According to a statement from the EFCC, Agbabiaka’s arrest was sequel to a apetition jointly penned by the bank’s Regional Security Officer and the Cluster Control and Compliance Manager, in which it was alleged that the suspect suppressed, diverted and stole a total sum of N137,000,000 (One Hundred and Thirty-Seven Million Naira) from personal and corporate accounts of a customer in Ibadan.

Filed on August 20, 2019, the petition alleged that Agbabiaka committed the offence between January 2017 and July 2019.

The suspect, who was the account officer attached to the customer, was said to be visiting the business premises of the victim weekly to collect cash with the understanding that he would remit same to his accounts domiciled in the bank’s Challenge, Ibadan branch.

But, instead of depositing the money, Agbabiaka was said to have at different times remitted only a portion and on many occasions diverted the whole sum to personal use.

In order to cover his criminal acts, the suspect, according to the petition, would rather issue fictitious bank slips to deceive the customer that he truly deposited the sums.

This continued until the customer reviewed the statement of his account and reconciled same with the cash collection register. It was then they discovered Agbabiaka’s fraudulent deeds, prompting the bank to put up the petition. So far, the EFCC investigators have established a prima facie case of diversion and stealing against the suspect.

Further investigations also revealed that he had used the suppressed sums to build houses, purchase cars, invest in fixed deposits and insurance policies. He also gave part of the loot to people as friendly loans. Some of the items have been recovered and registered as exhibits.

The antigraft agency says he will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.

My music can cure depression.’ – Naira Marley says

Controversial Singer, Naira Marley has taken to his social media to declare that his songs can cure depression.

The singer took to his social media page on Sunday, September 15, where he wrote “My music can cure depression.”

Below are some reactions that trailed his post ;

@Iam_Lawrenszo wrote ;

Those rubbish and senseless music of yours…what is soapy?

@Emjaylala wrote ;

Depression kii you der blatant noise maker like you

@LateefRaheem4 wrote ;

Sorry bro, your music can cause depression bcos you propagate using of hard drugs in your lyrics e.g moni kolo fe mu coca that’s cocaine mosere pe dealer ohun snive mogbe Igbo senu

@KidCessory wrote ;

Unless you have your own dictionary that defines music and depression wrongly from mine

@NuskyOdogwu wrote ;

Na today you know??? … Control the croud alone…. Na depression killer

#BBnaija : Nigerians saving ‘Stupid’ housemates, evicting smart ones’ – Okey Bakassi

Nigerian ace comedian, Okey Bakassi, has given his two cents on what he thinks about the way things are done in the ongoing Big Brother Naija show.

Okey Bakassi who took to Instagram to lament the eviction of ‘smart and intelligent’ housemates in the reality show.

The comedian criticized the choice of Nigerians in voting for housemates, adding that their decisions showed how Nigerians select their leaders.

Bakassi said:

“The Big Brother eviction show is a reflection of the society, shows that smart, intelligent, stupid, docile human beings can coexist.

“It tells you about politics and how people vote in Nigeria. Most times you think the smart ones, intelligent ones will be the ones to win but they get to leave the reality show while the stupid ones have a way of hanging around for too long even when you don’t like them; that is the reality.

“So at the end of the show, if the stupid one wins, it is you the voters that should be blamed. It tells us about ourselves, our preferences as Nigerians.”

He, however, did not mention the names of the housemates he was referring to.

BBNaija 2019: ‘If you were a Boy, I would have beaten you up’ – Ike tells Mercy (video)

BBNaija housemate, Ike was unhappy after his love interest, Mercy moved his belongings. According to Ike, the way Mercy touches his stuff especially his Coins showed zero respect on her part.

This didn’t sit well with Mercy as she felt Ike insulted her all because she tried to create space for his properties in the locker room.

BBNaija: ‘If you were a Boy, I would have beaten you up’ – Ike tells Mercy

A frustrated Ike tried to find out if Mercy was transferring aggression on him because he had some bottles of beer earlier on.

In his desperation, he told her that he was drinking because his cigarettes were running out and things weren’t peachy for him.

It seemed Mercy was trying to make him reduce his alcohol and smoke intake but he didn’t take it as he felt she was controlling his life which no one dares to.

Switching into gangsta mode, he said to her; “If you were a boy, I would have beaten you up.”. In the heat of the moment, Ike threatened to throw the Coins in the garden for everyone to pick up.

This statement didn’t bother Mercy in the least as she requested that they share their Coins so that both parties can manage their financial matters independently.

Watch the video below;

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Mercy: l moved ur things so we can have space<br><br>Ike: Why are u tryna get away from me<br><br>Mercy: Why would l want to get away from u? We are always bumping into each other. I just moved ur stuff so u can stand here and l can stand there<br><br>😂Ike give my girl some space abeg <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/BBNaija?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#BBNaija</a> <a href=”https://t.co/yqIvGSYmjY”>pic.twitter.com/yqIvGSYmjY</a></p>— phana_sK34 (@PhanaSk34) <a href=”https://twitter.com/PhanaSk34/status/1173569089186480130?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>September 16, 2019</a></blockquote> <script async src=”https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Sleep Interference

Seyi wasn’t pleased with Mercy and Ike disturbing his nap with their argument and he spoke to Frodd in the garden about it. He said, “I no fit sleep, it’s almost as if Mercy wants Ike to catch a Strike.” He went on to tell Frodd that she was disturbing Ike with her trouble and from their conversation, it had to do with Coins. On his part, Frodd commented that maybe Mercy wanted to use the Coins to buy something. He concluded that it was a crazy thing with those two.

Let’s Split The Coins

Still, in the heat of the moment, Ike threatened to throw the Coins in the garden for everyone to pick up. This statement didn’t bother Mercy in the least as she requested that they share their Coins so that both parties can manage their financial matters independently. Mercy revealed that once the Coins were shared, she will give her to Diane. Hmm, without leaving the House, Mercy has already tipped us on who will get her Coins. Anyways, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

With Mercy and Ike, one can never predict the next source of their quarrel. Will this latest one put a wedge their relationship?

The people you sleep with can give you generational curses – Mike Bamiloye warns

The people you sleep with can give you generational curses - Mike Bamiloye warns

Popular Clergyman, Mike Bamiloye, stated that most people are presently living complex, confused and battered lives because they have had multiple sexual partners. Bamiloye stated this in a post he shared on Instagram today.

According to the clergyman, many men and women have shared in the generational curses and foundational complexities of persons they had sexual agreement with in the past.

Read his post below;

A Lady has taken a part of the life of whoever she sleeps with. Her water is mixed with his water in a Highly Mysterious Invisible Covenant of Union.
She is supposed to give that privilege to a man she would live with all her life. Because her waters must NEVER mix up with any other water again for life.
Similarly, A young man has taken a part of the life of whoever he sleeps with.

Now…the most frightening issue is this: Some ladies can not actually pin down the number of men they have shared their lives and body with.
THEY LIVE COMPLEX LIVES. Because, they had slept and shared the lives and bodies with all the accompanying generational and family complexities and curses of the various boys and men.
So also, some young men can not accurately give the number of the ladies they have shared their body and lives with. Some people’s destinies have been seriously distorted and badly battered beyond repairs. Stolen virtues. Torn royal apparels on beds of immoral pleasures.
In the Course of Sexual Blood Covenant, many ladies and young men have shared in the generational curses and foundational complexities of persons they had sexual agreement with:
So many are living confused, complex and battered lives that have shattered beyond human repairs”.

I AM 6 weeks pregnant for my blood brother – Lady cries for help

I'm 6 weeks pregnant for my blood brother – Lady cries for help

In Ghana, incest is something the law frowns upon but those who fall victim to certain circumstances try to cover it up for the shame it brings.

However, one bold lady has taken to social media to share her story and pleaded for help.

According to her, she fell in love with her brother when she was 16 years old and her brother was 18. They have been sleeping together since then. They are both old and working together but they still love each other.

Now, there is pressure for her brother to get married but because she does not want to lose him, she intentionally got pregnant for him and does not know what to do.

The lady who has been practising incest with her older brother for close to ten years recounting how she fell in love with her brother and intentionally got pregnant for him narrated:


Dear, I don’t even know how to start, I’ve been dating my brother, I mean my own blood brother for 10 years now. It all started when our parents were away for a trip in the states 10 years ago. I was 16 then and my brother was 18. One evening I was bathing when I forgot my towel so I asked my brother to get it for me. As soon as my brother brought the towel he opened the bathroom door and started making advances at me. He started telling me how curvy I’ve become. All of a sudden, before I knew it we were kissing. He went naked and joined me in the bathroom and we made love that’s when I lost my virginity, after that we started dating

I slept in his room for a month until our parents came back from their trip even that once in a while I manage to sneak into his room to have sex. We fell so much in love but managed to hide it from our parents, we promised never to date anyone in our lives, honestly my brother is most handsome, adorable and caring human being I’ve ever met.

Fast forward I’m 26 now working in a reputable company, my brother is 28 now also heading our dad’s company. Life was so good until our parents started giving him pressure to settle down. They complained bitterly how he hasn’t even bothered introducing a girl to the family. In fact, I started feeling uncomfortable when our parents started making those complains.

Last 3 months my brother managed to get a girlfriend and introduced her to the family. I was very furious with him but he told me we can’t do this forever, Tima after sleeping with him for 10 years this is the heartbreak I get?

So I also intentionally got pregnant in order to keep him forever and prevent him from marrying another woman. Now I’m frustrated, please what do I do? I am 6 weeks pregnant. Please help me, I love him so much.

BBnaija: Gifty labels her ex Mr 2kay a pig for defending Tacha

BBnaija: Gifty labels her ex Mr 2kay a pig for defending Tacha

2017 BBNaija star, Gifty Powers, recently got into it with her singer ex-boyfriend, Mr 2kay, after he defended current BBNaija housemate, Tacha, over the alleged body odour saga.

2018 BBNaija edition also known as Pepper Dem Gang, has definitely caused quite a ruckus on social media as many people from different teams constantly lock horns with each other all in the spirit of supporting their favourite housemates.

Earlier on in the show, Mike was heard telling Khafi to tell her friend to top up (use deodorant).

Despite not mentioning any names, quite a number of viewers have assumed he was talking about Tachaseeing as she and Khafi are pals.

Amongst many of Tacha’s fans who came to her defence was Nigerian singer, Mr 2kay, who revealed that she does not smell as he has once been with her when she hadn’t taken her bath and she did not smell.

An Instagram user immediately came for him, stating that he lacked the sense of smell to actually determined if she smelled or not.

Endorsing the Instagram user’s comment was Mr 2kay’s ex and 2017 BBNaija star, Gifty Powers who stated that pigs always defend pigs, indirectly tagging him a dirty animal.

See the exchange below;

BBnaija: Gifty labels her ex Mr 2kay a pig for defending Tacha

Neighbor stabs Buhari’s supporter celebrating his Tribunal victory

Neighbor stabs Buhari's supporter celebrating his Tribunal victory

Best Uduophori, a #PDP supporter, has allegedly stabbed his neighbor who is a loyalist of the #APC, Elvis Omoiri, for celebrating the victory of Pres. Buhari at the presidential election petitions tribunal.

According to reports, Omoiri, had gone to a beer parlour belonging to Uduophori at Okolona, Effurun in Warri on Thursday, a day after the court judgment, to have a drink with friends to celebrate Buhari’s victory, when he was reportedly stabbed by the owner of the joint.

Trouble allegedly started when Omoiri expressed his delight at the judgment, but Uduophori disagreed with him. Angered, he then broke a bottle and stabbed Omoiri.

“Best always antagonized Elvis because of their political differences and while discussing, they had this disagreements and stabbed him everywhere and was even resisting those who tried to rush him to the hospital,” an eyewitness said.

The victim is said to be struggling to survive at an undisclosed hospital over injuries he sustained on his neck, head and other body parts.

Chioma Reacts after Davido Proposed to Her

Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma have reacted after Davido Proposed to her during while having a date in London, UK.

She took her instagram page to react to this. She shared a picture of her hand with her engagement ring and she captioned it;

“🥺😩🥰 I love you @davidoofficial (You didn’t even let me wax yet 😭🤣)”.

See screenshot below;

Remember GistReel reported a video of the proposal.

Davido already has two daughters – Imade and Hailey – from two baby mamas and there are speculations that Chioma is carrying Davido’s third child.

In 2018, Davido revealed his relationship with Chioma to the world when he decided to spoil her with a Porsche car valued at N23 Million on her 23rd birthday.

The pair have since become an item on the entertainment scene with Davido putting her on a track in his forthcoming album titled ‘A Good Time’.