BBNaija 2019: Tacha Clashes With Frodd At Dinner

BBNaija 2019: Tacha Clashes With Frodd At Dinner (Video)

Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha, clashed with fellow housemate, Frodd, at dinner.

The housemates were treated to a feast by Pure Bliss. Tacha and Frodd got into a heated argument while sharing the treat as housemates bickered over who got what.

They eventually settled their differences while having work-out routines. Tacha is presently in the bad books of many of her competitors who feel she is quite rude.

Khafi, Mike, Seyi, Omashola and Tacha are up for eviction this week.

Bambam shares more lovely photos from her wedding

Bambam shares more lovely photos from her wedding

Bambam has shared more photos from her wedding toTeddy A which held over the weekend, on September 7. The newlywed is seen in the photos dancing with her father and also kneeling to receive his blessings.

Bambam shares more lovely photos from her wedding

In another, she’s seen sitting between her mum and dad.

Bambam shares more lovely photos from her wedding

Sharing the photos, she wrote: “My dad is the happiest man in the world. I love you deep and wide Father. Your selflessness, kindness and support is unparalleled. God bless and keep you long for me.”

BBNaija: Tacha needs to go home and TAME her slayfans – Kemi Olunloyo

BBNaija: Tacha needs to go home and TAME her slayfans - Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyohas blasted fans of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) housemate Tacha.

Describing Tacha’s fans as street urchins, Kemi Olunloyo advised them not to vote the housemate, saying she needs to go home.

BBNaija: Tacha needs to go home and TAME her slayfans - Kemi Olunloyo

Tacha, alongside Seyi, Mike and Khafi have been nominated for possible eviction this week.

In a tweet, Olunloyo blasted the Port Harcourt first daughter’s eating manners, while saying she should eat her last meal in the big brother’s house and go home.

BBNaija 2019: Tacha has body odour – Mike reveals

BBNaija 2019: Tacha has body odour – Mike reveals

Big Brother Naija housemate, Mike, on Wednesday, claimed that Tacha has body odour. Mike said this at the dressing room after the pure bliss challenge.

He told Khafi to inform her friend, Tacha, to apply deodorant.

He said, “Khafi tell your friend (Tacha) to top up ( apply roll-on)

“I said something to her but l don’t think she took my word. If anyone is musky in the house we should tell her. It shouldn’t be a thing.”

Omashola, however, added that the odour was strong because she uses garlic to cook.

Recall that evicted housemate, Kimoprah had after her eviction revealed that the self acclaimed ‘Porthatcourt first daughter had a provocative smell.

According to her, although she did not notice it, ex-housemate, Ella told her about it.

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello congratulates President Buhari on his victory at the PEPT

Kogi State Governor, Mr Yahaya Bello, has congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT).

PE Tribunal, Wednesday, upheld Buhari’s re-election, striking out all petitions brought against him by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

In a statement obtained by Igbere TV, Bello hailed the Tribunal’s verdict, urging the PDP and Atiku to “accept the outcome in good faith” and “join hands with the President to move the nation forward.”

The governor, who is currently seeking re-election on the platform of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), also wished the President a successful second term.

He said the Tribunal’s judgement “has demonstrated again that the judiciary remains unimpressed by gimmickry and unfair media opinions planted by litigants.”

“The Judiciary”, he affirmed, “has again proved itself strong in the protection of democracy and the rule of law in Nigeria”.

He said he had never entertained any iota of doubt about today’s outcome “because it was clear that Nigerians voted overwhelmingly to re-elect the President.”

He described President Muhammadu Buhari as a “man of the people” and “a peace-loving statesman.”

Governor Bello said that “the decision of the Tribunal will definitely go a long way to solidify the faith of the masses in the courts”, and felicitated with the APC and Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

BREAKING News: Presidential Tribunal Dismisses PDP And Atiku’s Petition

BREAKING News: Presidential Tribunal Dismisses PDP And Atiku’s Petition

Atiku Abubakar’s petition against the election of President Muhammadu Buhari has been dismissed in its entirety.

The Presidential Election Tribunal sitting in Abuja has dismissed the petition by Atiku Abubakar and the Peoples Democratic Party challenging the election of President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The court held, in the lead judgment by Justice Mohammed Garba, which has been supported by three of the five Justices of the tribunal so far, held that the petitiioners failed to prove their case.

“This petition is accordingly, and hereby dismissed in its entirety,” says Tribunal.

More detials later…

BBNaija Housemates reveal their dirty sex secrets (18+)

Earlier today, Big Brother Naija housemates made shocking revelations about their past while waiting for their task for the day.  Some of them disclosed some of their dirty sex secrets as they spoke to themselves.

Here are some punchlines below.

Mercy: Only my vibrator makes me cum  Khafi: Was addicted to sex at a point –

Tacha: Used to date a pastor’s son, Always hid myself when visiting their house

Mercy: Have been taking care of herself, school and family since the age of 18 .

Tacha: Made my first million at 22 –  Khafi: I have been celibate for 8 years –

Elozonam: Had sex with 3 different women in one day because I was going through a bad breakup

Diane: Have crazy, weird, sexual fantasies, but haven’t had sex  Frodd: Slept with two sisters together

Frodd: I made love for the first time at the age of 22

Elozonam: I lost my virginity at 19 and I was wearing two condoms

Frodd: I watched my first porn at the age of 12, and I ‘came’ without being touched

Seyi: Lost my virginity to an older lady –

Omashola: Once had an orgy with 5 women

Frodd: Watched his 1st porn at the age of 12

Mike: First tattoo at 16

Elozonam: Developed a fear of flights

Frodd: Used to be so angry he’ll beat up anyone.

Seyi: First display of anger was in primary school, stabbed a classmate with a compass

Ike: Once threatened a debtor with a picture of him at the debtors mother’s home holding a gun

Frodd: Once drove from Ikeja to Yaba in 5 MINUTES

Elo: He struggles with his faith as a Christian

Seyi: Had sex with one sister and took the other one to an incomplete building to finish off

Mike : I was baptized last year

Mercy: I came into this house with my vibrator

Frodd: Doesn’t go to church on Sunday, prefers service at home

Omashola: First sex was with a virgin. Though acted like a pro but had no idea what he was doing

Seyi: Walked in on his friend banging his girlfriend and revenged by banging her friends and cousin

Omashola: Has been smoking for 20-years straight before this house

Khafi: Suicidal first year of University

Seyi: Tried to kill himself in SS1

Cindy: Had her first kiss at 20

Tacha: Fell for two brothers and had a difficult time picking one to be with .

Omashola: He had more wet dream in the house than he has ever had in his entire life

Tacha : First sex was so boring and it lasted 30minute. She only did it out of pressure

Cindy: I have only been with two men in my life

Mercy: First boyfriend was a tenant in her Father’s house

“Frodd begged to kiss me, Gedoni was into me” – Venita

Venita Akpofure paid a visit to Pulse studio on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, where she got to talk about her experience in the Big Brother house.

When Big Brother brought a new plot twist to the reality TV show by introducing new housemates like Venita Akpofure, we got to see a new vibe in the house, however, she was evicted after six weeks in the house.

The beautiful ex-housemate visited Pulse studio on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, where we got to talk about her exciting six weeks in the house. It would be recalled that Venita and four other housemates joined the reality TV show four weeks into the show.

During our chat, Venita expressed her shock towards the reception she has been receiving since she left the house. We asked her why she was surprised even though she is a known celebrity.

“Frodd begged to kiss me, Gedoni was into me” – Venita

“I was surprised because when I was in the house I use to I was a bit paranoid, I was catching a vibe, so coming from an environment that was toxic for me and other individuals so its just like taking something out of cold water to put into hot water, its just a little bit of a shock,” she said.

Even though she has always been a celebrity, Venita says a lot has changed for her since leaving the house. One major thing she said has changed for her is her social media page. According to her, the interactions have increased making it almost impossible to reply to all her messages.

Venita also revealed during the interview that her eviction came as a surprise even though she was ready to leave the house. When asked why she thanked Ebuka during the live eviction show, she said because she was very grateful for that moment.

Venita’s introduction into the house was felt as she got the housemates all pumped up with a whole new vibe like the ‘Truth or Dare’ session where we got to see the guys do stuff we never thought would go on live TV. We asked her if it was part of her strategy or that was Venita Akpofure for all of us.

“It wasn’t my strategy, normally when I get into a new place I like to…you know, I walked in an everyone was like, some were here, some were here and I think they were celebrating Sir Dee’s birthday at that time. So I wanted to know these people, I wanted to have fun, I was just excited to meet other human beings. I just wanted us to have fun and they doubted me, they said ‘some people don’t like to do this’ and I said we have to do this,” she said.

The moment Venita walked into Biggie’s house two housemates, Frodd and Omashola were blown away by her beauty. We asked the video vixen how did that boat sailed and sank at the same time.

“Omashola was like you are fine and I was like ‘Okay.’ To me it was superficial, it was surface, there was no surface to it. I immediately invalidated that. So I wasn’t interested nor did I find him attractive physically. He is very aggressive and very loud. He was very everything…In his excitement, he portrayed characteristics that I did not find attractive. And Frodd as an intelligent guy, he didn’t need to do much, he didn’t need to do much verses Omashola. He just watched Omashola shoot a tornado up and land on his ship put a hole and start to sink and he was just amused by it. Frodd had his own slow Tiger way ‘Are you okay? What do you want to eat? there is a chair here,” she said.

Even though Venita was moved by Frodd’s nice behaviour when she just moved into the house but that didn’t win her over. She also mentioned that Esther decided to resolve her differences with Frodd when she noticed that they were getting close and his reaction when she confronted him about it, made her angry.

Venita cleared the air about her relationship with Gedoni insisting that they were just friends. She described him as a good listener and that was what drew her attention towards him.

One question we have asked all the evicted housemates is the rumoured sex escapades in the house. Venita just like a few other housemates who have left the house believes it might be happening.

“I suspect, yes…I cannot know for fact but I don’t think they were having sex in the room where I was. The sex nor happen for mainland…you know we dey call our room mainland,” she said. One thing we know for sure is that Gedoni and Khafi who former housemate, Thelma revealed were having sex weren’t members of the ‘Mainland Room.’

The Saturday night parties have always remained one of the most-watched and interesting part of the Big Brother Naija house. However, during our chat, Venita dropped a major bombshell on what really goes down during those parties.

“In the Big Brother house, when there is loud music especially when you are in the party place, the DJ is playing and you are having a good time, and you are watching, you don’t really know what we say. And I think all the viewers can attest to it, you cant hear what we say. At that point in the club, people exchange things. Last Saturday and I am going to believe that he was a bit drunk when he said it. For example, Frodd was like ‘Kiss me now…are you not going to kiss me before the end of the…” so there was a lot of things even during the Munchit challenge, that was when Gedoni was like “I’m very attracted you.”

“First, he asked, “what do I think by I mean by he is cute.” And I was like you are cute does not mean I want something and he was like okay ‘I find you very attractive” I think that was part of his game and Khafi…i don’t know. There are a lot of things that people would say at certain times and you won’t see,” she said.

Venita plans to do a lot with her career as an actress and as a businesswoman. She has some businesses she plans to venture into which according to her will be really big.

Venita is the fifteenth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ season. She spent six weeks in the house with the other housemates. She was evicted from the house on Sunday, September 8, 2019.

Bbnaija: “I made my first million at 22” – Tacha reveals

“I made my first million at 22” – Tacha reveals

Big Brother Naija housemate Tacha, today, revealed that she made her 1st million in Naira at the age of 22.

Tacha made the revelation while the housemates were engaged in a game where they had to reveal personal things about themselves.

Tacha made headlines on sunday after she made a boastful comments about her achievements when she said Seyi’s achievement could not measure up to hers at the age of 23.

It may be safe to say she was not bluffing with her claim.

Tacha, alongside Khafi, Mike and Seyi are currently up for eviction.

Blind Nigerian man walks down the aisle with his beautiful wife (Photos)

A beautiful Nigerian bride on Saturday, September 7, walked down the aisle with her visually impaired husband in a wedding ceremony which took place at St. Williams Catholic Church in Lafia, Nasarawa State capital.

Blind Nigerian man

The beautiful bride wrote ;

I said ‘I Do’ to her husband from Kogi state while cheered on by her family, friends and well-wishers.”

A Facebook user, Nora Chika who shared photos from the event, wrote:

“WONDERFUL shall never end ooo, beautiful Plateau bride and her handsome blind groom. I witness d I DO I DO today, no be say na money d bride c ooo this is indeed true love. May God bless their union I pray.

See photos below;

Blind Nigerian man

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